Christian bookstore owners assert dominance over Gibson’s donuts with third storefront crash.

The scene after one resident couldn't wait to get his hands on the new King James translations.

The scene after one resident couldn't wait to get his hands on the new King James translations.

BARTLETT, TN – A car crashed into a Bartlett Christian bookstore Monday evening making this the third crash this store has experienced in 6 years. There were 6 people in the store at the time; two employees and a grandmother, mother, and two kids. Luckily no one was harmed during the incident.

Witnesses reported seeing two cars speeding in the lot to claim a spot close to the nearby dollar store despite the rest of the lot being "pretty empty". The driver declined to comment when asked for a statement.

‘We heard that a car crashed through the front of Gibson’s donuts last week and thought… this is one record we don’t want to lose. So we instantly got to work sending off some prayers to the almighty and it looks like once again they’ve been answered.’

“The first time this happened to us we were shocked, the second time seemed like a coincident, but a third time…that’s clearly a sign from God,” said Martha Taylor (66), who co-owns the store with her husband. “The store hasn’t been doing that well over the last year. My husband and I have been considering closing our doors for good; but, today’s miracle is just the sign we’ve been waiting for. Clearly God wants us to expand.” The car took out part of the wall that connects the Christian bookstore to a storefront next door that’s been empty for the last year.

“I’ve always wanted to expand our ‘Precious Moments’ offering in the store and this expansion will give me the space I need to do it,” exclaimed Martha.

The bookstore will be closed for a few weeks for renovations. The first five customers at their re-opening will receive a footprints wall plaque.

Asked whether she thought yet another storefront crash was likely to happen again Taylor said ‘Well clearly the two things God loves in this city are Christian bookstores and to a lesser extent Gibson’s donuts... but we will direct our prayers now to other businesses we feel should have a car crash through the front window’


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