Pressure mounts as Madison Avenue CashSaver struggles to keep up with sriracha demand.

                                    The original Cashsaver logo (Pronounced C-Cashsaver)

                                    The original Cashsaver logo (Pronounced C-Cashsaver)

“People are just eating it,” was all stock boy Josh Stevens, (24) had to say on the matter, as he placed the last bottle of sriracha in stock on the shelf. Simple enough, but that may be the reason that the Cash Saver on Madison Avenue is having trouble keeping the place stocked with the condiment. Sriracha only started production in 1980, yet its net worth has already grown to upwards of $60 million as of the last fiscal year.

Bethany Hawkins, (36) is a mother of two and frequently has to stock up on sriracha. “I’ve got two very pretentious children to take care of.” She says she adds the condiment to “pizza, chicken, toast, rice, pad thai, corn, fish, lo mein, hash browns, macaroni, waffles, fries, cream cheese, cheez its, popcorn, and shrimp.”

After an honorable mention in Bon Appetit Magazine as “ingredient of the year”, the Thai sauce’s stock doubled in one month and has only continued to skyrocket. In the piece, Anthony Bourdain, two time James Beard award winner, called sriracha “dynamic” and said he liked it on “scrambled eggs, poached eggs, eggs benedict, frittatas, omelettes, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, fried eggs, sunny side up eggs, eggs in a basket, powdered eggs, and spicy tuna rolls”

Sriracha was invented by a Thai housewife named Thanom Chakkapok, although the green-capped version we all know was made by David Tran, a Vietnamese refugee, and is less sweet and slightly thicker. The recipe was born out of a desire to spice up leftovers. “After I perfected it, I started putting it on carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, snap peas, green beans, rice, lentils, lamb, leek, and okra.”

When pressed, Josh admitted to eating sriracha as well, thereby contributing to the depletion. “Yeah, I had it once. On tacos. It was pretty good.”

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