Dome placed over midtown - residents now in literal bubble.

Midtown residents celebrating in the dome whilst there is still ample breathable oxygen.

Midtown residents celebrating in the dome whilst there is still ample breathable oxygen.

So many people were talking about the liberal bubble of midtown, that an ever listening Alexa accidentally ordered a giant literal bubble from an Amazon account. The 3 story tall dome was delivered and placed under the doormat of Sandra Potter, 24, who was pleasantly surprised with her new purchase.

The bubble stretches from 1 block south of Young Ave and goes as far north as Studio on the Square. Embracing their new dome life, resident Jamie McKenzie, 21, said " We’ve always wanted to be open and share ideas with people like ourselves - we want to fight for the rights of POC and make it known that oppression won’t be tolerated in here”. The populace of “Domeville” is an overwhelming 98% whites under the age of 25.

Contingency plans are underway for how the resident’s parents will get cash to them. In the meantime, everybody is taking turns tending the bar at the P+H and serving flat whites at Otherlands, whilst a rationing system has been put in place for the time sharing of the areas 3 Netflix accounts. A currently unused HBO account exists, but that information was dismissed because it was reported by a local Fox news affiliate.

Temperatures have been gradually rising inside the bubble, as a “greenhouse gas” effect has taken hold. Several residents have blamed the domes glass ceiling, and are determined to break through as soon as they can find the spare time.

Despite the uncomfortable heat, Domers were excited to show off to the uninformed public a perfect example of the greenhouse effect in action, but were unable to sway the opinions of residents outside of their bubble.

Alterations have been made inside of the dome. It has been configured for maximum acoustic reflection - the sound quality is said to be A+, which unfortunately won’t improve the noise coming from the areas B- musicians, or it’s C+ comedians.


John Simmons is a Memphis Comedian. He can be found sweating on instagram and occasionally posting videos.

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