Germantown housewife begins first affair.

Mrs Shepley before sneezing aggressively. 

Mrs Shepley before sneezing aggressively. 

Belinda Shepley (44), a resident of Germantown, deviated from the chastity of monogamous married life on Wednesday for the first time. Mrs Shepley has been married to financial advisor Stephen Brown for 12 years and until recently had remained faithful, despite what has been described as a painfully comfortable marital relationship.

Mrs Shepleywas seen emerging from her Mercedes SUV in dark sunglasses outside of the whole foods with a younger man, later identified as her lawn tennis coach Jack Staves (29). Witnesses say that inappropriate remarks were made in the produce section, and stolen glances were seized at the deli counter.

The potential infidelity was corroborated by a close friend whom Mrs Shepley had confided. ‘I don’t know what took her so long, all of the ladies managed to find someone to commit worthwhile infidelity with after no more than 6 years. It took her double that!’ said Anne Bakeway (43) ‘I thought she might actually have a happy marriage! Anyway it’s good to be on our sinking ships together now’

Mrs Shepley when asked why she waited so long to stray from her husband responded ‘I was just waiting for the right person’

Belinda’s husband Stephen is said to be unaware of the affair, and sources say he is likely to sigh heavily if he learns the truth. Despite this, is unlikely in any case that uncovering the affair will end the marriage, as the Shepley family have two children that will require a stable funding source to ensure they drop out of an out-of-state college in their Junior year.

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