Bandaid in Bartlett pool allows overweight teen swimming in shirt a chance to jump off diving board unnoticed.

A band-aid enthusiast uses a net system to extract the latest addition to his collection.

A band-aid enthusiast uses a net system to extract the latest addition to his collection.

Local overweight Bartlett teen Kevin Pendale was able to seize a rare opportunity to climb out of his parents pool and jump off the diving board in broad daylight without being mocked after pointing out a dirty bandaid to his peers. .

"Normally I stay in the corner letting the jets massage my back hoping to blend in so as not to give Chase and Tristan a chance to slap me, dunk me or squeeze my breasts really hardin front of everyone, but then I saw a bandaid with a spot of dried blood floating in the water and I knew I had to make my move.  As everyone was trying to splash the bandaid on each other I went for it, climbing up the ladder and pulling my suit up securely I sprinted for the diving board and jumped off, it was pretty neat"

"Ever since that day Chance ripped Kevin's shirt off at his birthday party, Kevin usually just squats in the corner and doesn't get out until everyone else has gone in to change, I think it was a good experience for Kev" says Kevin's neighbor Doyle Gooden (54), "I watch these kids swimthrough the fence for hours at a time and Kevin is usually very uncomfortable.  Kevin will meander around outside of the pool for up to 15 minutes ignoring calls for him to take his shirt off. Usually Kevin willpretend to trip on a lawn chair and fall in with his shirt on.  These kids never invite Kevin anywhere and show up to swim every afternoon at 2:45,  but Kevin got the best of them.  Way to go Kevin"

Kevin's father Gary Pendale later found the bandaid in the skimmer and said "it looks like the one from Kevin's fat ankle"

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