Controversy erupts at Thrifthaven evangelical school after cheerleader outfits reveal ankles.

The Southern Association of Evangelical schools is threatening to pull the Charter of Thrifthaven Evangelical Academy after the local private school revealed its’ new cheerleading uniform which features exposed ankles.

Thrifthaven, a small private school with 63 students K-12 has been asked by the association "to suspend cheerleading immediately for its 7 man football team until more Christly attire can be obtained."

No stranger to controversy, Thrifthaven was suspended from the association 6 years ago for allowing its' female students to change into running shoes in front of male classmates for recess.

Thrifthaven parent and local insurance salesman Elias Throckmorten pulled his two sons out of the school when he found out about the changes.  "The next thing you know my 14 year old son was asking me questions about sharing Icecream with young ladies and now he wants to have a coed bible study because he saw Prucella Dowson’s lustful feet."

Thrifthaven Cheerleading sponser Elizabeth Mayhan defended the new uniforms. "We aren't doing anything un-Christly. Some of the more secular squads are out there doing cartwheels and snapping their fingers provocatively"

Thrifthaven did not respond to interview requests and is said to be "on a Crusade to cover allbodies and not risk causing further lust for feet."

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