Young Avenue Deli Patron Insists Band ‘Is Amazing’ After Paying Cover Fee

Young Avenue Deli, famous for its large selection of local beers and a modest selection of passable sandwiches, hosted a a STAIND cover band, MOIST, this Saturday evening.

Long-time Memphian, Jeff Harper (29), pre-gamed four Amstel lights before stumbling over to Young Ave. and accidentally spending the money he saved for laundry on the cover fee.

Five of Jeff’s best friends woke up to a voicemail of Jeff repeatedly yelling, “This show is off the chain, you gotta come see ‘em!”

Headliner, MOIST, played a ninety minute set to a less than tepid crowd. Lead singer Cody Wilbanks remained upbeat “We get paid in vegetarian chilli--so yeah, we’ve played worse gigs”

When asked what his favorite MOIST song was, Jeff replied “I love them all, dude, all of them.”

He did not purchase the MOIST album or any clothing items available from the table next to the stage but did send a friend request on facebook to the bassist the next morning, although it is unconfirmed whether the request was accepted.

Sammy Anzer is a Memphis Comic and performing member of Comma Comedians. Follow him on twitter @senor_Suavs

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